Life celebrations

Life is full of reasons to celebrate. We already have birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas covered. But what about the other important times in life?

Let’s start honouring the stages of life again. How about….

Naming Ceremonies

Your little squish has arrived and you feel like an acknowledgement is called for.

A naming ceremony could be just the thing. Or you could call it a Welcome Party. Either way, it’s a time to officially welcome your little one Earthside.

There are no rules, which means it can be as traditional or fun as you like. Usually there would be promises made to the child by parents, guide-parents or guardians would be appointed, there might be an acknowledgement of Grandparents and other significant people. You might choose to include music, readings, a fingerprint ‘tree’ or an actual tree planting…Anything goes!

As far is the timing is concerned, it could be anything from a couple of months, to a year or even ten. No rules, remember?

Mumma Blessings

Like a baby shower, only much better! It’s all about recognising the power and beauty of motherhood and new life. It’s about honouring the Mother and holding a sacred space for her. This could take any shape you like, but could include sharing stories of empowered birth, henna belly painting, making a birthing necklace filled with the blessings of the women in your life or planting a garden. It could include songs, mantra, rituals or prayer or anything you like!

I believe any life transition is worthy of celebrating, and I’d love the chance to create something brand new just for you.

So give me a call! I’d love to hear your crazy, heart-felt ideas.