Woo Hoo! You’re Getting Married!

You’re planning your wedding and want everything to be just right. You’ve booked the venue, bought the rings, hired the band…..

Wait! What About The Ceremony?!

You want that magical combination of romantic and funny, contemporary and traditional. You’ve  trawled the net looking for the ‘right’ celebrant, but can’t seem to find a good fit.

‘But aren’t all celebrants the same?’ I hear you ask. Well yes. But no. All celebrants are authorised to solemnise your marriage, but not all can help you rock your ceremony!

You want someone who ‘gets’ you and can help find those magical, meaningful words which will last a lifetime – words to reflect who you are as a couple and what this moment and the rest of your forever means to the two of you. Someone who can capture and communicate what makes you unique and how together you’re better, stronger, more amazing.

And without a great ceremony, your wedding is just a big party. Ok, the best party ever, but still just a party.

So get in touch.

Together, we can make it so much more.



Is Silence And Solitude In Wild Places More Your Style Than A Big, Glitzy Bash?

I so get that! Tasmania is full of amazing places, and with Cradle Mountain as my back yard, I’m on intimate terms with much of it. I love getting out into the ancient forest, on top of a mountain or feeling the wind whip my hair into a crazy dance on a blustery west coast beach. Nature is my happy place.


If you love the idea of making your promises with the ancient wilderness as your witness, I’d love to be a part of that!


I’ll hike in with you, whether it be a ten minute stroll along a boardwalk or a full day hike to the top of Cradle Mountain, I’ll strap on my pack and bring the champagne! I can even whip up a wedding feast to celebrate.


Want to know more?



Want To Celebrate With A Small, Intimate Gathering Of  Your Nearest And Dearest Crew?

Tassie is full of private little spots just perfect for smaller groups. I grew up here, and can help you find the cottage, chapel, cove or cave you’ve dreamed of!

I can also help to source everything you need for a truly unforgettable experience, from accommodation to flowers, photographers to acoustic musicians straight from heaven. Together, we can create the perfect package just for you.




When someone close to your heart dies, it feels like a piece of you goes with them. Your grief makes the idea of planning the funeral service to honour their life so overwhelming.

A funeral doesn’t have to be a sombre, depressing recitation of dates and events. It can be a true celebration, full of warmth, honesty and a few smiles and tears.

As your funeral celebrant, I hope to lighten your load in this time of heart break and grief. With compassion and empathy, I take the time to get to know you, to hear your stories and get a sense of the one who has passed. Together, we can create something truly meaningful which captures and honours the life and spirit of your loved one.

I can guide you through a selection of readings, poems and prayers, write or assist with writing a beautiful, honest and smile inducing reflection of life (eulogy) and present it all with warmth, sensitivity and a touch of humour.


What’s an A-Wake?

Think of an A-Wake as the funeral you have before you die. It’s the chance to celebrate your life, love and friendships, to say “Thank you” and ‘Goodbye”. It’s the party of your life, and you get to be there, to hear all of the fabulous things people think and feel about you. It’s a time to share in the crazy stories of youth and disgraceful middle age, to celebrate your life with your friends and family before you die.

How many times have you been to a funeral and thought ‘He would’ve loved that!’ How many times have you been to the wake, shared the stories, tears and laughter and thought ‘She always loved a good party. If only she could enjoy this with us!’ Well, why not?

If you have the chance to prepare for your passing, you can definitely plan an amazing farewell bash where all of the elements of a great funeral and wake are present. And best of all, you get to enjoy it.

How does it work? Basically, I come and share a cuppa or three and get to know you. We talk. A lot. And I get to know what’s important to you. Like your favourite footy team or your best guitar. Like how it felt when you held your love in your arms for the first time. You tell me about your adventures and misadventures, your successes and life changing realisations. We write your story the way you want it told. You choose moments to share,  the music, the sandwich fillings. You get to hold the microphone (if that’s your thing) and thank the people who have helped you in life, tell some ripper stories, maybe share some of life’s hard earned wisdom with the younger ones who still think they’ll live forever.

In this situation, anything goes! It’s your party, your way, right down to what colour you want the balloons. Or no balloons….

So let’s do it! Let’s plan the party of your life!



Life is full of reasons to celebrate. We already have birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas covered. But what about the other important times in life?

Let’s start honouring the stages of life again. How about….

Naming Ceremonies

Your little squish has arrived and you feel like an acknowledgement is called for.

A naming ceremony could be just the thing. Or you could call it a Welcome Party. Either way, it’s a time to officially welcome your little one Earthside.

There are no rules, which means it can be as traditional or fun as you like. Usually there would be promises made to the child by parents, guide-parents or guardians would be appointed, there might be an acknowledgement of Grandparents and other significant people. You might choose to include music, readings, a fingerprint ‘tree’ or an actual tree planting…Anything goes!

As far is the timing is concerned, it could be anything from a couple of months, to a year or even ten. No rules, remember?

Mumma Blessings

Like a baby shower, only much better! It’s all about recognising the power and beauty of motherhood and new life. It’s about honouring the Mother and holding a sacred space for her. This could take any shape you like, but could include sharing stories of empowered birth, henna belly painting, making a birthing necklace filled with the blessings of the women in your life or planting a garden. It could include songs, mantra, rituals or prayer or anything you like!

I believe any life transition is worthy of celebrating, and I’d love the chance to create something brand new just for you.

So give me a call! I’d love to hear your crazy, heart-felt ideas.